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I read my horoscope today and it said something about putting my best foot forward and making a good and lasting impression.

Hey Caradoc, wanna meet for a pint? You can bring your friends too, don't want to leave anyone out. ^_^

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Work work work. That's all I've been up to. I'm beginning to think these things called "social lives" are just something people make up. I mean my co-workers are fun, I mean they seriously are, I wonder how I get work done sometimes with them around, hehe. I'm beginning to think Caradoc thinks I'm some sort of android hell bent on making sure he crosses his t's and dots his i's all the time. Sorry for being a hard ass all the time Caradoc I have horrible social skills and that's my best effort and friendly conversation I promise I'm not a tyrant like that all the time. I'll treat you to a pint as an apology if you want ^_^.

Other than that things are great more like sad and boring but, eh

Maybe I"ll got out on the town, get pissed, and do something terrible stupid....hahahaha...maybe I'll just see a movie instead...yeah, I like that better. Hehe ^_^

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SO the days ween buy and thusly so does the wizards causing a muck in the muggle world. I swear these wizards need to get their wands under control...that sounded wrong...anywho. One guy got pissed drunk at a muggle bar and instead of fisting fighting like any normal muggle he pulled his wand and gave the muggle girlie parts... Though humorus, I had to write that one up and make sure everything was back to normal. hope the guy had a normal sized penis, if not...oh well

Other than that my side of the office has been uneventful. Caradoc on the other hand...poor guy, I should really visit him, but I figured it would be more useful to do some of his end of work. So there's your get well soon present Caradoc, hope that helps. I hate hospitals...eek

That's about it kids. ^_^

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What to say, what to say? Hmmmmmmm....

School is school, and I'm doing very well. shock!

Everything is so quiet I'm beginning to think no one else goes to this school.

The library is not as much fun without people plopping down next to me every once and awhile

Make your presence known people!!! hehe ^_^.

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So, I'm one of the luckies left at school this year. Hope there's more of you out there ^_^, if not I hope you all have a happy Christmas and an awesome new year.

Owl/Present for Remus> <a href=Collapse )

Owl/Present for Caradoc> <a href=Collapse )

Owl/Present for Benjy> <a href=Collapse )
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Yeah, so about Hogsmeade... That was pretty horrible. I was kept indoors by some Aurors once they got there. Wouldn't let us out until everything calmed down... Yeah, that day sucked for so many reasons... Thank Merlin know one was too severly hurt.

PrivateCollapse )

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I really have nothing of interest, but to let you all know I am alive and kicking, I just wanted to let you all know about the wonders of the notebook. It's great for orginization and stress relief. I think everyone should use one. And no, I'm not anal, just organized, so there :P.

So get out there and get one, and get a ball point pen while your at it. Wonderful muggles devices they are. ^_^

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Someone save me from boredom, please.

I've read all my books, and done all my homework. I'm too far ahead now and have nothing to do.

Sev, do you have any new books for me to borrow? It's been awhile since you let me. For that matter it's been awhile since we've met in the library doing smart things. We need to do that again soon. ^_^

Alright, bye everyone ^_^

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Hmmmmm...something interesting?

Yup, I got nothing. Same old, same old.

I did patrols the other night, caught to kids (I think they were 3rd years) in the Astro tower getting all kissy with one another. I gave them 10 points for practising house to house relationships, and then I took 40 points for being out past curfew...and PDA. Well not for PDA, but that bothered me abit as well.

Pince still stares me down when I go into the library. She needs to get over it...Or retire, I like both ideas.

Halloween is almost upon us, guess I should think up a costume. Wonder what I should do. Maybe I'll so as some famous redhead, put this mop of hair to good use, haha ^_^. Or maybe I'll be a pirate. Hmmmm, that may work.

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First I would like to say that I have a fun time at Hogsmeade and I think I drank one too many milkshakes. But they were so yummy and strawberryriffic.

I did talk with Benjy abit, nice fellow. Horrible taste for ninjas, but really a nice guy.

On that note I would just like to say, for everyones information. That priates are better then ninjas. I'd show you the extensive work I've done on this, but as many of you know that have seen my notebook, it's all written in code. But the proof is there. Besides, I alwas found something shady about those ninjas...creepy...haha ^_^

Anywho, Remus, I heard you were there this weekend, sorry I missed you.

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